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Google Chrome not responding in windows gives you every possible way to get rid of unwanted notifications and advertisements, pop-ups, unfortunate technical trouble. It enables you to share your issue with technicians and get it solved in fraction of seconds.

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At this moment, issues related to my HP printer are making me very infuriating that I just want to throw out my printer out of the window. The minute before it was printing pretty good but now, it shows printer driver is missing. I didn’t change a bit in any of the settings of printer so why I am getting this error. Right now, I have no idea what to do. So, I just needed someone’s guidance for downloading drivers from website. Can anyone out there help me?

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I recently bring McAfee antivirus into play for resolving my virus related needs. Every time I start using it, this software tells me to activate it first then continue. So, in order to activate McAfee I visited some sites that Google suggested me, But, unfortunately I got no results. Therefore, at last I just want to know that can visiting save me from my trouble? If so, then help me out here. I am looking for a reliable reply.