Leadership and Professionalism

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Those working on the Leadership & Professionalism badge will develop a professional learning network (PLN) by:

  • Reading about the value of PLNs in library service and particularly library service for and with teens.
  • Select five people and/or organizations to follow on Twitter who work in libraries with teens and/or work in a related field - such as an author, publisher, library oriented magazine, etc.
  • Select five people and or organizations who are not directly related to libraries but work in areas related to teens - such as tech writers and blogs, educators, newspapers, etc. - and follow them on Twitter
  • Read a the Tweets of those followed for at least a week and then reflect on the experience, learning, and value of this type of PLN.

If at any time in the process of working on a badge you need help on developing your materials, see our screencasts on the Help page of the site.

  • To give badge earners the chance to understand why being a part of a PLN is valuable to those working with teens in libraries.
  • To give badge earners the chance to understand the role of connecting with those outside of the field of libraries in order to better serve teens.
  • To understand how social media plays an important role in professional learning networks.
Tech required: 

Each badge earner will need to setup a Twitter account (A getting started with Twitter screencast is available.) and use Google Docs (A getting started with Google Apps screencast is available.) to write about what they learned by being a part of Twitter-based PLNs.