5 Factors for Home Buying Decision Making

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When it comes to house hunting, it is best to be prepared and knowledgeable about checking the property and balance emotional and logical factors before committing such hasty decisions.

Here are my 5 main factors of home buying decision making:

1. Personal Intentions - What's the intent of buying the property? Is it for short term or long term goals?

2. Personal Finances - How secure does one have in terms of finances? Will staying at a new home relieve you from financial anxieties, tensions or any undue stress due to uncertainty of personal finances?

3. Individual Priorities - Is there any other things that are important than buying a new home? Will it make your life fulfilling?

4. Financial Security - Put aside funds every month for contingencies, reserves etc.

5. Perceptions - Mind over matter. If you mind about buying a new home, then it matters. Do you believe you can buy one? If you can perceive it, believe you can achieve it.

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