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The assortment includes, among others, Wagraf stamps in small, average and also large dimensions, and similarly in pocket variations, spherical and rectangular stamps with practical closures and information glasses. They come in a full range of colors. Express stamps are also made on site in 5 minutes.

Nurses and other freelancers most often use online stamps. As the definition itself urgently shows, they have small dimensions, thanks to which it is not difficult to camouflage them in an apron or jacket pocket. They are marked with tight and tangential closures that protect the outfit from getting dirty with the dye. The online stamp has the ability to replace the signature, thanks to which it allows for effective and instant signing of receipts. In the coincidence of mounting rare seals, online stamps create an interesting solution at a low cost.

Modico 3 stamps facilitate the implementation of a large number of copies, up to 35,000. The closing flap
fastener prevents the dye from drying quickly. Of the atypical features of these articles, it is worth mentioning their resistance and reliability, and similarly beautiful appearance. Please towards the online store. We encourage you to make Nomo stamps.