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When it comes to the most popular and high performing printer, the Canon TS3100 printer comes first. Millions of people love to use such a versatile printer owing to its several exceptional features and user-friendly interface. Luckily, the Canon TS3100 printer supports Google cloud print and Air print both so that you can print wirelessly through your smartphone. However, users especially the first-timer might face some complexity when they try to Connect Canon TS3100 Printer To Wi-Fi. The connection process of Canon printers with a wireless network can be tricky for the laymen.

Do not worry at all if you are one of those users who are finding the connection procedure extremely confusing! Below are the different methods that will surely assist you to connect the Canon TS3100 printer wirelessly without any hurdles. Once you complete the connection, you can start working on it to complete the home or office printing demands.

Different Methods To Connect Canon TS3100 Printer To Wi-Fi :
There are two different ways through which the users can easily connect their canon TS series printer to the Wi-Fi. Here, you should get to know the way to establish a wireless connection between your printer and your device:

Wi-Fi Protect Setup Pin
Direct Wireless Connection:
Method 1:

Use WPS Method:

Before you start the connection process, you should make sure your printer supports the WPS feature without any difficulties. Also, you should gather the information about the login credentials which are available below:

Wireless Network Name (SSID)
Wireless Network Key (Password)
After getting the correct information about the network name and the password, you should start the process without any delay.

Have A Look At The Process And Implement Carefully:

First of all, you should take the paper stack of accurate size (A4 size or letter size).
Now, you should place the paper stack properly in the printer paper tray.
After that, you should press the ‘Canon Printer Information’ button available on your printer.
Now, you should give a print command to print a Network Configuration Page which consists of a PIN code.
In the next step, you should press the ‘10-fold Setup’ button and then press the ‘Color’ button of the printer.
After that, you should go through the instructions appearing on your screen to link the wireless router.
Here, you will come across a ‘Signal Strength’ icon along with the ‘Network Status’ icon.
Also, you will have to wait till the alarm clock flashes light and now, you can connect it to the Wi-Fi.
By carefully implementing these steps, you will be able to successfully connect your Canon printer to the wireless network. However, there is also another method available below via which you can do the same, with optimum ease.

Alternative method:

Direct Connection:

Step 1:

To do so, you should first enable your printer to allow the Wireless Direct connection.

For that, you should turn your Connect Canon TS3100 on.
Next, you need to press the ‘Direct’ button from the printer’s LCD panel.
Step 2:

You need to configure the device setting and then activate the Wireless communication.

To do so, you need to go to the ‘Setting’ menu of your device.
Then after, you need to allow the Wi-Fi option which will activate Wireless communication.
Here, you will also have to enter the network password correctly to make use of the network configuration data.
Step 3:

Here, you need to wait till the device connects your Connect Canon TS3100 printer wirelessly. Now, you will be able to enjoy wireless printing directly through your mobile phone, without any problems.

Take Quick Assistance From The Canon Printer Experts If Necessary:
Sometimes, when you Connect Canon TS3100 Printer To Wi-Fi, you face some sorts of problems due to a lack of knowledge. However, you can easily handle such obstacles by paying extra attention. What you need to do is to get in touch with the professionals who’re capable of providing troubleshooting assistance. Here, these geeks will first detect the main cause of the problem and then fix it permanently from the root.

Apart from that, they will also provide you with some smart tricks and troubleshooting tips in an easy way. By using these measures, you can safeguard your Canon TS3100 printer and also keep it up and running seamlessly. Besides, if any user is looking forward to getting more information about the same, just visit our website at anytime.

So, what are you waiting for? Just connect your printer and enjoy a wireless printing experience.

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