How to Maintain your SEO Rankings after a Website Redesign

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Here are some tips to maintain your website ranking after the redesign.
1) Keep URL same as a previous
2) Use 301 redirection
3) Do not change the whole content


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Maintaining SEO ranks after a web redesign is a challenging and time-consuming endeavour. Apart from matching the structures of your previous and new site, you must implement a few other strategies.
• Make sure to monitor the keyword positions, organic traffic, amount of backlinks, spam score, speed, domain authority, and safety.

• When making changes to the website, make sure it is not live. You can disable the website for a brief period, or set the new site on a different domain, and replace it with the original later.

• Save all the website information.

• To avoid problems in transition, make sure to create a temporary URL.

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Redesigning & Improvement are vital for any kind of website. But, from the SEO point of view, we have to take care of a lot many things.

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