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I was glad to see in a subject such as transitioning to college that a wide variety of areas were covered. Many pinterest boards are strictly superficial and it was great to see something more in depth.

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I am happy to see you choose the topic of transitioning to college and your reasoning behind it. You mention the need for un-biased sources in your statement and I would like to see more high quality resources on your list (you have lots of social resources, blogs etc).
You have a good variety of styles from tips/tricks to essays and fun/social content.

I would think about adding some resources in the "getting ready for college" area to include other options. Technical schools, vocational, etc. not everyone chooses a college/university path and to be more inclusive and well rounded you may want to include some of those other resources.

I would echo the other two comments. I would suggest adding links to more reports about college and career readiness and expanding the bounds a bit so that other tracks other than college are better represented.

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