Leadership and Professionalism: kahickey

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I have only recently started following twitter, so it was nice to have a review from an actual follower in the same field.

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I love the variety of people you decided to follow and the details you provide about what you got out of each twitter account. I learned a few people I should be following! I really like your reflection on using twitter and the possibilities of a mutually beneficial system.

It looks like you found some great resources to learn from, very diverse. You've clearly thought a lot about what you are interested in learning more about and where you feel need more support and the accounts you're looking at seem like they would present you with some support in those areas.

The approach you took to finding people to follow showed a dedication to expanding your knowledge. The creation of such a broad professional development network of sources establishes opportunities for cross pollination of ideas between librarianship and other professions that also support teens.